Monday, August 13, 2012

Classroom Happenings

I feel like my fingers are going to fall off. Last week was full of design, print, cut out, laminate, cut out again, put velcro on, put up in room... Rinse and repeat ;)
Here are a few of the things I was busy creating and putting up.

Classroom Labels part 1

Classroom Labels part 2

Cheetah Jobs Checklist, students use these to record chores as they are done.

Zebra Jobs Checklist, same thing as the Cheetah Checklist, just for the other team :)

Chore Checklist Binder Covers

Job Signs 1

Job Signs 2

Jungle Birthday Cards to give to my kiddos...

Jungle Blank Greeting Cards for other occasions...

And a whole lot more...

Classroom Job Board in action... This was made with a folding presentation foam board and bordered with designer duct tape. I attached it to the back of one of my Library Carts with zip ties. By attaching the labels with velcro I am able to switch up the job assignments as needed. I also have duplicates of each student and job, bordered with the opposing design in case they need to switch teams.

Our FACE of a Reader - customizable, interactive anchor chart beginning

One of my students needs to get out of his wheelchair and stretch out throughout the day - here is his tricked out lounger...

Computer Center

This is a shot of the back of my classroom...

Up top is a pennant sign that says "It's A Jungle in Here"

I have most of my boxes and bins labeled.

The two zebra and cheetah wall hangings on the door are soon to be our word wall and our calendar.

More pictures later this week...
...and remember ...always stay 'Wild About School!'


  1. I love your job checklists & would love to use them for my classroom. Do you plan on selling them on your site? Thanks so much! Leah

    1. Thanks! I have uploaded the blank PDF forms to my TPT site. It also includes covers for each crew (Zebras and Cheetahs). The form is able to be edited online but changes must be printed. Here is the link
      Thanks again!!!

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